Improving Speech Skills

Improving Speech Skills I frequently provide guidance to parents on improving their child’s speech skills.  As an Arlington speech therapist, I take time to explain to parents that reinforcing speech skills during the week is equally as important as the work that I do with their child at each therapy session.

Improving Speech Skills

Having your child meet with a speech and language pathologist once per week is typically not sufficient to generalize learned skills to the child’s natural environment.  Generalization of speech skills outside of the therapy setting requires repetitive practice that focuses on skills that the child uses on a daily basis.  For example, I was recently working with a 5 year old child on accurate production of the “L” sound (e.g., “Love”).  As the family of my five year old client mentioned that they would be taking a family trip to “Disneyland,” I decided that it would be easiest for the family to incorporate this goal into their child’s interaction with specific family members and Disney characters that he met each day on vacation.  For example, when the child met Mickey Mouse, he would be expected to state, “I love you Mickey!” or when meeting a specific family member (e.g., Grandma), he would state, “I love you grandma!”

While parents must make sure that a younger child understands and completes their speech and language homework, an older child should be expected to complete the assigned homework independently, as this can lead to a child developing an increased sense of responsibility.  Assigned homework does not need to be extremely time consuming.  In fact, a few minutes of practice each day may be sufficient.

The following articles provide useful suggestions for generalization of speech skills from the therapy setting to a child’s natural environment:

Improving Speech Skills

Improving Speech Skills in Northern Virginia

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