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A complete evaluation may be necessary prior to initiating treatment for a specific speech-language disorder.  A complete evaluation serves several important purposes:

– Identification of specific speech-language strengths and areas of difficulty.

– Assists the clinician in making specific recommendations and establishing an effective treatment plan consisting of appropriate long and short-term goals.

A complete evaluation often consists of formal standardized assessments, informal assessments through conversational tasks, and collection of background information.

Specific areas assessed during the evaluation may include the following:

Expressive Language: An individual’s ability to convey information through asking/answering questions, making requests as well as initiating and maintaining conversations.

  • Receptive Language: An individual’s ability to understand language as demonstrated by following directions and answering questions.
  • Pragmatic Language: Ability to use language for functional and social purposes.
  • Speech Production: Speech sound production and voice quality.


  • Oral-Motor Structure: Assessing whether the individual’s articulators (e.g., lips, tongue, teeth) are structurally sufficient for speech and language production.


At the conclusion of the assessment, a face-to-face conference will be scheduled in order to review specific results of the client’s assessment and to discuss the establishment of an individualized treatment plan.


Diagnostic Services in Northern Virginia

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