Articulation and Phonology Therapy

Articulation and Phonology Therapy

Northern Virginia Speech Pathologist

A Step Above Speech-Language Pathology provides diagnostic and treatment services related to childhood and adult articulation and phonological disorders.

  • Articulation Disorder: Articulation refers to an individual’s ability to produce specific speech sounds.  As toddlers and at specific points during childhood, it is common to produce speech errors as their oral language develops.  In fact, there is an age-range when it is normal for specific speech sounds to be produced incorrectly.  However, once the speech sound errors persist past the developmentally appropriate age-range, it is considered a disorder.

Articulation disorders include omissions, substitutions, and distortion of speech sounds which can make an individual difficult to understand, and may contribute to their sounding less mature and/or professional.  Many will not outgrow articulation difficulties and need the assistance of a trained speech-language pathologist to master problematic speech sounds.

  • Phonological Disorder: Phonology refers to an individual’s ability to understand sound patterns/rules.  When an individual presents with patterns of sound errors, a phonological disorder may be occurring.  An assessment can target specific speech sound errors, and assist in developing an individualized treatment plan.
  • Articulation/Phonology treatment utilizes a multi-sensory (i.e., auditory, visual, tactile) approach with the following age-based techniques:
  • Toddler/Child: Treatment follows a play-based approach using games and physical movement.
  • Adolescent/Adult: Treatment incorporates individual interests (e.g., article discussion), role-playing, games, academics, and post-secondary school skills (e.g., employment interviewing).


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